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How to install the game

Here is a short tutorial on how to install your Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Step 01. Buy the game on Steam. Just search for Call of Duty MW and download it. If you already have the game go to Step 03.


Step 02. Run the game. It will start game instalation. Punk Buster will FAIL TO INSTALL but don't worry about it,

              just continue instalation (it will install DirectX 9.0c, needed for the game to run).


Step 03. Download file "REPAIR COD4" from this website HERE. You need to "unpack" ("extract") files. Run instructions file and follow the instructions


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Known Issues

You are being kicked from server because PnkbstrA.exe service is not running


Find the folder where is your game installed. Inside it is another folder called PB.

Inside PB folder is file pbsvc.exe, run that file.

Start your Call of Duty:MW game and try to join any server with enabled PB, it should work now.



You are being kicked from server for incorrect Weapons Cycle Delay


Solution 1: In game, type in your console and execute following command:

/set cg_weaponcycledelay 700


Solution 2: Create Key Bind. In game, in console type:    

/bind p set cg_weaponcycledelay 700

Now when ever you join a server that requires same weapons cycle delay all you need is to ensure your CAPS LOCK IS NOT ON and press "p".